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Ode to the Water Dowser
"Water, source of life, great mystery—from where do you spring? From the cold of space to the deep caverns of the Earth, water unfolds her geography creating everything living or has lived. A matrix for consciousness, water listens to the whispers of DNA co-creating form from its native sacred geometry. Water holds memory and creates memory from its origins in the nebulae of star’s creations. With water all things are possible. To thrive water is most essential and to find water is the greatest gift one can give or receive—a gift whose qualities can only be attributed Divine.
Divining water, as dowser do, has gifted ‘the People’ with life since time immemorial. We can find water because we are water. Attenuating to the frequency of water causes every subtle blood cell to quiver forcing the Willow branch to bend to its source of life. The purest water with the greatest flow results in our greatest inner pull to its source. It is this gift, this service to others, this Community of Dowser offers the Family of Man. We are one body of water in this biosphere of Earth, honor it, know it—because water is creation’s Love".
Peter Champoux author, Gaia Matrix

After three years wandering through the hills of Vermont ASD has returned to their conventional home in Lyndonville, VT.. Viewing these meanderings from the geomantic bleachers–I offer this analyze of the American Society of Dowsers national spring venue. I think after reviewing these findings you’ll agree that there really is no better place for dowsers to meet and greet than Lyndon College.

Clearly ASD is an educational organization whose mission is best served within an educational context, Lyndon College; contrasting past years conventions at ski areas where the mission is recreation and the use of water resources for entertainment.

Many of you know of and appreciate my unique perspective on the landscape. Let me express my gratitude for the open minded inclusion of my world view within the dowser community. Few organizations have embrace my work with such enthusiasm. Whenever I present my material a map specific to the location is drawn to illustrate my geographic art and science. This article is for the purpose of sharing these findings with the dowser community.

My geographic process takes ‘what is’ and discerns the implicate landscape language of a particular location – in this case Lyndon College and ASD headquarters. The results seen below is a 2D drawing of a 3D condition that implies a 5th dimensional reality. A mouth full I know! The process is a simple one. From center look for circle and alignments that refer back to center revealing a hidden landscape geometry that speaks to the purpose of this place and its people. Simply the geometry of People, Place, Purpose. In the case of ASD Vermont a pentagram geometry emerges from the land.

The pentagram has had some bad press over the centuries, as the geometry of magic. No argument there! It is the geometry the elementals respond to as agents of earth mystery. But Why? Venus is why. From the Earth’s perspective Venus follows a yearly progression patterned after the pentagram, shining its light and singing its music to the earth. When a pentagram is replicated on the earth its says; ahh Venus my love what can I do for you my beautiful light and planetary sound!

Centered in education at the college the ASD convention is nested in the valley headwaters; encircled by mountains of power and note; mountains such as: Mount Washington and Mansfield, Owl’s Head, Dixville Notch, and Vermont’s copper deposit near Thetford and Mount Ascutney at point to the southwest. In total all facets of a diamond in the rough.

Dowsers familiar with lei lines (American version of ley lines) know them as an alignment of cultural and natural features possessing similar sense of place qualities that cohere into a space / time frequency that transmits and entrains a memory pattern in land and people. Similarly Earth Rings such as that encircling Lyndon College is a ley line in ring form. The radial cord defining the ASD college ring lei are Mounts Washington and Mansfield.

Spanning state (VT/NH) and country (US/CA) boundaries this ring’s place qualities speak to the strengths of center. Mt.(George)Washington speaks of the elements and leadership, its compliment Mt.(Jane) Mansfield, a homographic giant of a women speaks of a quantum ‘field’ thru which the dowser communicates with pendulum and witness. Owl’s Head to the northwest is the Masonic solstice initiatic mountain at the edge of the mystical lake Memphremagog. The Owl sees 360º, in the dark, as do dowsers. It is at ASD’s college that one is initiated into the practices and techniques of dowsing. At Dixville Notch, another point on our pentagram, is located the Balsam’s Lodge where the first votes are cast in US presidential elections. Not unlike dowsers who predict outcome and initiating proactive results. In the south west point of our pent is Vermont’s metal deposit whose alloys give form and frequency to a dowsers L-rods. Geometrically coherant points of this circle and pent speaks to dowsers as balanced (Wash-Mans) visionaries (Owl) who read and transmit (copper) patterns to determine a condition (voting/ dowsing) within the ‘field’.

Of further note is ASD headquarters location in this dynamic at the balance point half way between mounts Mansfield and Washington. Nearby St. Johnsbury is known as balance beam scale makers further reinforcing this balanced sense of place quality. ASD HQ link the mountains and the states of VT and NH, whose combined landmass creates a life giving phi (1:1.618...) rectangle. HQ gives balance (L-rod) and life (water) to a divined condition. It is the cord of mounts Washington and Mansfield that generates circle and pentagram positioning ASD as a connective force of good for the region and continent.

These highest peaks of Vermont and New Hampshire call to a third mountain-- Ascutney forming the initializing triangle of what I refer to as Gaia’s matrix; a complex and dynamic landscape geometry at the center of the North America’s tectonic plate. Transecting this triangle of mountains is the continental rift boundary between old and new America. It is on this rift boundary that Dowser’s national offices are poised. In this metaphorical landguage of the heart ASD HQ guides the hands (Wash... & Mans...) to pointed attention and intention (Ascutney) towards center (the question or condition).

While interesting and artful what is to been done with this knowledge, if anything? ASD is clearly the coherence point of this earth formed geometry. It was the earth herself that drew the dowsers to this place as a conspiracy of circumstance to complete nature’s geometry. This geometric makes material a connection every dowser cultivates to become their best and clearest instrument of Grace’s knowing. This life generating pentagram (phi ratios throughout) tells the earth, like venus, of our love for her, and the earth answers in kind. The waters we dowse give life to Man so we may live in conjoint creation and joy for all in its contemplation. This Pentagram, this circle, this grand trine are facets of a diamond giving form and meaning to our community of dowsers. It is curious that a graffiti artist spray painted diamonds around the Lyndon College campus. Perhaps sub consciously responding to this diamond in the landscape.


Welcome home dowsers! You bring balance to the pendulum!

To learn more about this pioneering work buy your copy of Gaia Matrix from ASD bookstore.