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by Peter Champoux

Of what use are landscape geometry and earth energy vortexes?
Presently earth surface dwellers live in gridlock: the grid of cities; the grid of civic boundaries; the power grid; the cell tower grid. These grid systems separate us from a sovereign relationship with our planet.
Contrary to gridlock, the circle breathes life. While restructuring this grid to reflect the great circle of life is physically impossible, it is not too late to incorporate the circle in our culture in ways such as coming together in circles and creating space in the round. Throughout my web site and my book, Gaia Matrix, are examples of circles in the landscape that illustrate how cultures naturally coalesce in the round.
We have learned from the USGS earthquake studies, as illustrated in Figure 1, that the interior of the earth has a series of concentric spheres which, when viewed as a cross section, appear as a series of rings: Earth Rings.

A Study of Similes

The Bible states that man was “made in the image and likeness of God”. Combining earth and human geometry is a study of similes. Suggesting that the earth is made in God’s likeness thus makes us in the ‘likeness’ of the earth. This re-connection to--this remembrance of Source creates a circular breath between earth, you, Thee, and me in the wheel of life ( Fig. 2). How many circles are there in your life?
Historically we see Earth Rings in the geometry of Stonehenge (Fig. 3), the Great Pyramid (Fig. 4), the sunflower helix (Fig. 5), the Dendera Ceiling of the Temple of Hathors (Fig. 6), and the Aztec Calendar Stone (Fig. 7). Earth Rings can be experienced in the rings of the labyrinth and no doubt many more inspired creations of the ages. It would suggest that the Great Pyramid was positioned to modulate earth’s weather. Located along the 30º of latitude with The Great Pyramid, is the Northern Hemisphere's Coriolis weather ring where cyclones are born, and great rivers die. The Constellations depicted in the Dendera ceiling are infused by the Hathors into the earth. Stonehenge similarly functions as a portal to connect, enliven, and stabilize earth energy through stone, geometry, vortex and radiating leys. These ancient and mysterious structures are telling us how to reconnect with Gaia mind. Just in case we forgot, the Aztecs gave us a calendar to get in sync with earth time, as we approach their predicted 2012 end of an age.
Using this geometry in temple design implies the ancients knew of Earth Rings. The answer to this conundrum lay in this geometry and the dowsed fields of ‘earth energy vortexes’. Dowsing vortexes of the western USA, long-time guide for the ‘Oregon Vortex’, Nick Nelson, found ring dynamics consistent with earth’s spherical proportions marking core and mantle. Figuring that dowsers were around back then, they appear to have come to a similar conclusion: vortexes were projections from the deep earth, connecting bio-stellar space with earth mind. Temples were positioned, and mytho-cosmology drawn, to facilitate enlightened co-creation. Walking an ‘earth vortex’ one becomes conversant with: Stonehenge and Dendera; Terra and Celeste; planet core to central sun. The benefit of Earth Rings are evidenced by its multiple prodigious use in ancient design. According to Plato, Atlantian civic design was based on Earth Rings, making their entire metropolis a vortex.

Dowsing for Vortexes

When dowsing for vortexes, keep in mind roiling spheres that connect lithosphere to biosphere. Create a 1000-mile wide medicine wheel, and its sphere plumbs 500 miles of earth mantle and rises high into the magnetosphere. Benny LaBeau, a Shoshone medicine man, alarmed by the Yellowstone volcanic bulge emerging from Yellowstone Lake, organized a ceremony that encompassed much of the western USA. This '19+1 Ceremony' was drummed by thousands on May 8, 2004, in order to dissipate the building energy of Yellowstone’s super volcano and reconnect the leys emanating from this planetary ‘hot spot’. The day following this ceremony, the bulge subsided and remains at slumber. The larger the ring, the deeper the spherical effect. This does work and has also been proven in other instances.
These ancient monuments pose both method and message to work directly with earth’s life force. With EMF, ELF, and HAARP frequencies gridlocking a culture of anti-life, vortexes are available conduits for ‘the people’ to infuse the heart of the world with enlightened quantum intentions.
Local vortexes call out to us, as earth stewards, healers, and mobile megaliths, for our personal attention. A quantum physicist teaches us that a state of non-locality exists between particles of matter. Simple microscopic particles that have interacted in the past and then moved far from each other, remain, in a certain sense, still connected, and can instantaneously "communicate" with each other. My reading of this explains how prayer works.

The Phi Ratio

A common ground, or more accurately the common proportion found in humans, ancient temples, and the earth in total, is the Phi ratio of 1:1.618...the God number. On a practical level, this sacred proportion is used in the sizing of books for ease of read. On a larger scale, this God number is found in indigenous architecture, as the human body was used in its measure and construction. All the digits of the human body are mathematically in sync with this proportional sequence. The Phi proportion is seen in shells, trees, eggs, and in the Fibonacci number series of 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,… Earth Rings are, to no surprise, in the Phi ratio. And it’s no surprise that we moderns are 'out of touch', because the ‘life number’ is non-existent in our homes, churches, and community infrastructure. The Phi proportion is THE tool of the earth healer. As a Phi life form in quantum resonance with Phi earth, we re-tune geopathic fields from the core out.
To find a vortex, get out the dowsing rods and trust. To balance a vortex, we need only consult our community of dowsers. I was impressed at Sugarbush 2007 ASD Convention by the teachings of Gary Skillen, Mary Hardy and Joey Korn on vortex health. Mary Hardy made a usable suggestion by introducing us to the Grail Vortex, a balanced vortex made of two counter-clockwise vortexes coming from God, and two clockwise vortexes going to God. This creates the vortex of the Holy Grail. A counter-clockwise vortex--a low-pressure system--brings divine energy into the earth. A clockwise vortex--a high-pressure system--pulls energy upward, making clear skies for the grid, spheres, solar system, galaxy, etc (Fig. 10). Mary suggests repeating The Great Invocation while visualizing these spinning fields. Substituting universal prayers is admissible and encouraged. As a community service, it is up to dowsers to locate, balance and Phi-tune vortexes everywhere.

Overcoming Gridlock

My large-scale vortex geometries are salient to this endeavor. With so much interference in the unified field, I suggest that we need to step up the scale to overcome the gridlock we find ourselves in; hence my suggestion to use organic land geometries for community identity, healing and natural cohesion.
As citizens of North America, I believe it is our destiny to bring balance to the earth. Indeed the shape of our continent mimics the icon of balance, half land and half water (Fig. 8). Balanced people in balanced vortexes makes for a balanced earth. Ultimately dowsers seek balance. Facilitating this destiny of North America seems like a good use of dowsing talents. Dowsers, hear the call; do good by earth vortexes whenever and wherever they’re found. If one doesn’t exist, create one. Medicine wheels, stone circles, and labyrinths bring vitality to our planet.
The earth’s spinning core and mantled spheres are vortex fields, as are humans. Given that both earth and humans are ‘made in the image and likeness of God’, it would follow that through Source, earth is healed. Through love projected from the heart of All That Is, focused through the heart of man, into the heart of the world, the earth is healed. Since Earth’s biomagnetic core supports life, it follows that sending Phi-tuned broadcasts of love to earth’s core tamps down the geopathic fires that are burning earth’s biosphere, while amping up earth’s vitality.
It is through the language of Earth Rings that we speak to the world. Clearly space ship earth needs dowsers to man neighborhood vortex. Because…Vortexes–R-Us.

Peter Champoux is a pioneer in the field of earth geometry. He is the author of Gaia Matrix and numerous articles on earth patterns which are available through his website, His Field Geometry studies align people, to place, to purpose. Peter lives in Greenfield, Massachusetts and regularly lectures at ASD in Vermont. His Field Geometries have brought socio-spiritual cohesion to communities worldwide. He is available as a spiritual cartographer, guest lecturer, consultant, geomancer, earth healer, and visitor.

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