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©Peter Champoux 8/04

This sense of place survey was inspired by the Neville Brothers Band

and all the musicians of New Orleans

whose joyous soundings heal the soul of the world.

Undertaking a gaiagraphic study of any part of the Mississippi River necessitates the inclusion of its whole. From it's source Itasca Minnesota, to New Orleans Louisiana, it's mouth-- the Mississippi River measures the length and breadth of North America's heart land. Even the distinctive shapes of these beginnings and endings speak of the alpha and omega.

Beloved New Orleans, it's music, it's culture, it's sorrow, it's writers, it's food are a 'gumbo' of cultures. From the spirit centered Native Peoples, to passionate West African, to cultured French, from the tenacious Irish, to industrious German; New Orleans is liken only to itself, a place and people, that 'Is', because of its place in the world. This New Orleans sense of place study reveals the complexity of this languid fan where a river dies and a Gulf is born. A city of graveyards and dancehalls, this place of tragedy and joy seems to take the used up muddy river waters and set them dancing with a resonant music of renewal. At any given moment there are waters passing through New Orleans that have touched every part of the Mississippi Basin. Hear/ Here the tears of joy and sorrow of millions mix with rivers and streams of a thousand home places. Here in sync with the patterns of the earth, time and religion the people of New Orleans play out a cosmic drama through: ritual, costume, music, culture, and natures liquid geometry.


At first glance New Orleans looks like a hodgepodge of streets that tries to force a shape, determined by a river, into a controlled rectangular grid. First laid out by the French, the mark of Masonic training is revealed in the sacred geometry upon which this planned city is based. This city's plan is based on the geometry and proportion of life, phi, or the ratio 1:1.618... or the number series; 1,2,3,5,8,13,21, etc., ... Geometries such as these are thought to be sacred because of their repetition throughout nature; God created and as such - sacred. The Phi ratio is found in the proportion of humans, trees, the shape of eggs, shells, and the structure of water.

It was thought by Gothic Cathedral builders that by incorporating sacred proportions and geometries in the layout of cathedrals a reciprocal connection would be created-locking the cathedral into the fabric of the universe - giving greater inspiration and potency to prayer and sacrament.

New Orleans' civic pattern is set by the phi proportion in the lengths and placements of Esplanade Boulevard (1:) and Carrolton Avenue (1.618). These two streets meet at the southeast corner of City Park at the equestrian statue of General P.G.T. Beauregard (the man who coincidentally ordered the first attack of the Civil War, on Fort Sumter, SC) in front of New Orleans Museum of Fine Art (NOMFA). These two streets scribe a phi proportioned 'L' in the land, in itself a powerful delineator of the sacred; as the builders square and cord for the golden rectangle. Resolving the phi L of avenues into it's implied phi rectangle, this pattern and intended purpose of New Orleans' design is revealed.

Within a phi rectangle is an implied spiral. This spiral is drawn by dividing the golden rectangle into a square with the remainder rectangle being .618 of the square. Drawing a radius from the inside corner of this sq. to its opposite, the spiral is generated sequentially to its resolution point. In the case of New Orleans the first curve of its implied square is drawn from the squared grounds of Xavier University on Carrolton Ave and resolves near the Jefferson Davis Monument. From this point the radiant arc of streets fan outward mimicking the land form fan of the river's embrace. This fan also suggests the fan of the greater Mississippi Basin converging on New Orleans. Spiritually this fan draws the river's life force into the heart of the city through the implied phi spiral. Phi is in fact the dominate sacred cannon overlighting the city, revealed in its dynamic placement in relation to other cities of the South and Caribbean.

While the River defines the shape of the city, the original grid pattern was laid out in right angles to the city's golden rectangle. This original grid points northeastward towards Nova Scotia, the one time home of the Acadian French, the 'Cajun'. With this alignment comes the memories of a ley alignment that connects New Orleans with a sequence of east coast cities. This straight line connects Boston, New Haven, NYC, Philadelphia, Trenton, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Atlanta. A walk down Bourbon Street is a fractal walk down the east coast City Ley. This alignment also carries the influence and memories of Europe since extended this straight trans global ley marks Dublin, London, Brussels, Kosova, Haifa Israel, and Amman Jordan. This alignment is also on plane with the Appalachian Mountain Range. It is along this alignment, along extended Bourbon Street to the southern most curve of New Orleans along the Mississippi, that the tuleric power of the masculine mountains come to meet the sweet embrace of a feminine river. This convergence of river and mountain gives form and life to the city, culture to it's residence, and opportunity to heal the soul of the world.


A Lenten Cross is made from last years Christmas tree and draped with the symbolic death shroud left by the resurrected Christ, representing the Alpha and Omega of the Jesus life on earth. Other symbols of his life are added as reminders to the faithful. The landscape of New Orleans could be described as a lenten cross. New Orleans is best known for its celebration of Mardi Gras, the last party before the start of Lent, a time of atonement and abstinence for Catholics. This highlight of the New Orleans' year is reflected in the patterns that frames the city on a national level. New Orleans does lent for all, nationally and internationally. A simple visual of this dynamic interplay is shown in the only west-east course of the river draping its burial shroud over the arms of New Orleans compass rose.

New Orleans gives life and expression to both US and Catholic culture; both saint and sinner- Pirate Jean Lafitte and Mother Cabrini. Without it, there would be no Jazz, no delta blues, rock n' roll, Mark Twain, and no Street Car Named Desire.

Placed at the mouth of the Mississippi by the hand of Grace, New Orleans connects dimensionally, like no other. There are phi ratio, life giving alignments, connected through aligned placement with San Antonio, Houston, and St. Augustine. Add to this the PHI alignment with NYC and Pilot Mt. and a pattern of reciprocal influence emerges. Other regional alignments connect St. Louis, Memphis and Merida ( the one time political center of Mayan civilization). Extended- Esplanade Blvd. connects Havana to Kingston Jamaica. Esplanade could be seen as the Jesus piercing spear of Longinus piercing the heart of the city, whose wound bleeds with the heart waters of North America. Esplanade is also on plane with the delta further bringing home this aligned analogy.

In total these alignments and corresponding angles of convergence give the city its underlying geometry; that of an octagon or 8 point geometric. Eight are the octaves of music, eight are the holy days of the solar year, eight are the directions of navigation, and eight is the symbol of infinity. Thus here in New Orleans the music never dies even as the years pass and people journey on.


Now things get really far out! Any world class city, to be world class, needs a matrix of projection. The greatest cities have multiple ley lines to feed its' dynamism and a very large array to project its voice nationally and globally.

Since 1993 I have explored investigation with studies of the regions, biomes and cities of North America. The static field, which is a focus of this web site, is centered in Shelburne Falls giving structure and permanence to our American culture and its place in the world. This hexagonal based Gaia Matrix are the bones of a land spirit body while this 15 point gaiametric, centered on New Orleans, is the living flesh and blood that gives dynamic expression to this static form.

These studies on natures pattern are sequential in nature, looking for series expressed through place that result in sacred geometries. In the case of New Orleans, as the center of a geometry, this sequence is delineated as arcs that connect biomic rings, Native American sacred sites and cities of associative significance.

New Orleans' greater international pattern is set by the arc placement of five equally spaced sites of Native significance: Ship Rock (center of Four Corners region), Black Hills (center of the Great Plain), Lake Itasca (headwaters of Mississippi), Sault St. Marie (center of Great Lakes Pentagon), and Seneca Falls (center point of the Iroquois Six Nation Confederacy and Finger Lakes). Resolved into a projected geometric array of 15 points this gaiametric is further supported by a secondary (phi reduced) arc that locks in Pilot Mt., Charleston, Miami, Havana, and Merida. 15 equally placed points generate three pentagons/ pentagrams or five triangles. Given the phi nature of New Orleans the pent makes more sense to use as it is the symbol of man, the visual course Venus takes in its yearly progressions, the most complete phi proportioned and life giving of all the sacred geometries. This New Orleans centered gaiametrics shows the importance of Native contribution to the health of American culture. The ceremonial cycles of renewal, enacted by phi based Native Peoples, around the Black Hills gives vitality to the Heart of All that Is (detailed study on web); the heart beat of the Mississippi Basin's biology. These five gaiagrahical points are analogous to the organs of a body. Each a unique contribution to the whole. Each biomic gaiagraphics is a discussion and article in itself.

In total the two arcs are also suggestive of yet another phi spiral. From the anchor of Ship Rock the spiral arcs over Itasca and the Great Lakes reducing to the Pilot Mt arc spiraling into the Gulf of Mexico where it picks up the Texas coast and curls into New Orleans proper where this spin field meets the local spin field of the City.

This Mississippi drainage basin with its spinning weather systems, tornados, blizzards, and dust storms, are lungs and blood, New Orleans the larynx, the Gulf of Mexico the mouth, Yucatan and Florida lips and Cuba the horn tooting a jumbo of musical expression. Out of the synthesis of all these factors, a sense of place is manifest. These universal influences make New Orleans a place that mixes up the worlds of Spirit and matter into spicy manna for all the senses: taste, sight, smell, touch, sound, intuition, humor, common, place, and the as yet unidentified.


The big question for astro physicists today is the nature and composition of 'Dark Matter'. Dark Matter, the stuff that makes up 96% of the mass of the universe yet is instrumentally undetectable. They know it exists because of the gravitational field it projects. It is my theory that these geometries or gaiametrics are the affects of Dark Matter on land and culture, the mechanics of The Great Mystery. Dark Matter is a gross misnomer and actually it is 'Light Matter' the realm of Light beings and a flashing universe. I think that when the scientific community rationally proves the nature of Dark Matter they will also rationally prove the existence of parallel universes of light and spiritual domains. The consequence of which would result in a evolutionary leap in consciousness, the admission into a trans dimensional brotherhood - an ascension of sorts - and the end of the world as we know it. Could it be that out of Dark Matter the ETs emerge and return? All that exist within the 96% leaves us operating within only 4% for out rational existence, a finite existence for the mind of a Supreme Creator Being.

Think of it, between this page and your face there are heavens, hells, ETs or UTs, angels, fairies, ancestors, collective memories, and a gravitational field that carries prayerful intention across dimensional boundaries. Ultra terrestrial gravitational fields formed these gaiametrics. It is through these, Dark Matter projected, organizing mechanisms - the naturally generated geometry described here - that we can communicate with spirit consciousness, and it communicates with us. The Crop Circles of England are gaiametrics projected from parallel space telling us of the actual existence of these worlds and how to connect with these beings and grids of grace filled lighted strings that make up 96% of universe.

Similar to Dark (actually Light) Matter there is no rationele, as yet, for these enigmatic landscape geometries, nonetheless their influence on culture is very evident.


To honor these connections it is recommended that complimentary geometries be placed at NOMFA to encourage and honor New Orleans' relationship with it's greater spiritual community. Contemplative walks and ecstatic dancing along the city's ley alignments release unresolved memories and the sins of a nation. There are improvements that could be made to assist the flow of earth energies throughout the city. I would be most honored to assist in further inspiring this.

You are welcome to use this information as you feel responsibly fit. Reprint and distribute, I only ask that the author be acknowledged and his work be supported, networked and publicized through all forms of communication and venue. This is the work of the ages, and vital to our future.

I offer this study in gratitude and thanksgiving to the 100%.

Peter Champoux