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A Sacred Journey, around the center of North America

It is said that a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. A sacred journey on the other hand starts with intention; an intention to connect in a deep way to a sacred tradition, landscape, or evotive experience.

A gestalt in the United States involves an attraction with 'sacred' locations set by war and memorial. One can journey the United States and visit Gettysburg, Little Bighorn, Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, Bennington, Lexington, the Vietnam War Memorial to connect with history, sacrifice and national spirit. This journey is a sacred experience to many. Other journeys of spirit in the United States include the Woodstock Music Festival, the Indianapolis 500, Kentucky Derby, Sturgis, Disney World, hiking the Appalachian Trail, shopping this years largest Mall and of course the annual ocean visit. These could all be sacred journeys for those who choose to journey with an intentional mind.

A sacred journey, in this sense, does not imply a trip to a religious locale such as Rome, Jerusalem, Mecca,

Stonehenge, Machu Pichu, or the Ganges. Journeys to these special places, touched by Divinity, attune one to the nature and qualities of blessed ground. Visiting such locales nourishes the soul and illumines the mind to a manifestation of Divine Presence in nature and space.

The sacred journey offered herein is a new tradition. It is, an everyday alternative for soul travelers. It is a journey that connects one to Spirit in every day life. A pilgrimage or sacred journey is an undertaking for healing, discovery, connection and yes, escape. Embarking on this journey you will need to pack some appropriate concepts and toss out some old baggage.

  • First, pack the notion that God (He, She, All that Is) is everywhere.
  • Second, acknowledge that there is a power of place that nurtures unique qualities and activities.
  • Third, discard the concept that only ancient cultures lived a sacred tradition.
  • Fourth, carry a keen sense of observation.
  • And fifth, pack a small scale road atlas of your journeys path.

The spiritual intention makes the difference.

Able to decipher land geometries from the seeming chaos of nature, I offer nature's patterns for spiritual connection, renewal, and journey. These landscape patterns are based on cannons of sacred geometry. Cannons as seen in flowers, human proportion, rivers, mountains, sacred enclosures, rocks, trees and animals. Your greater landscape, the sum of these parts, also has signature geometries. Being of natural and/or Divine origin they are considered sacred geometry.

The North American continent, a yin yang pattern half land and half water, is a geometric signature landscape form. At the center of this continental vortex or spin field is the a landscape geometry which I will use as example for intentional journeys. As a language, these geometries suggest qualities of place that manifest as replicates of the whole. A fractal of the combined shapes of Central America, Gulf of Mexico, and Florida is shown in the shape of Cape Cod, Cape Cod Bay, and Cape Ann.

It is curious to note that white Anglo-Saxon Protestants who set the intention of profit and dominion, ultimately did just that over this continent and this region . The paradigm pebble dropped by the first industrious Pilgrims of Plymouth became the formative wave of culture for the United States - here in Indian Country. This suggests that when one enters into relationship with a natural centric field vortex, intention expands outward, as it did with the settler's expansion into the First Nations Territory.

The exploration of this and other landscape geometries can become spiritual journeys in themselves, with spiritual intention.

One journey, a twelve jeweled experience, connects American social architecture and culture with the landscape. On this sacred hoop one finds educational, military, and political community centers of both the Native American and European American cultures, mountains, waters, and valleys. A real 'tour de grace'.

This circle is a foundation for a cathedral of nature with these twelve sites.


With a proclivity toward naming things. I called this geometry Arkhom (as in an 'Ark' (famous Noah's) and 'Hom(e)' for the Spirit) or 'Nature's Cathedral'. A scaled down version of the twelve point 'tour de grace' is the "Pulse of Peace" a prayer tour that circles the center of the continent with a prayerful petition for universal peace. Enacted on the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, the Pulse of Peace is a sacred journey that sets a wave form of peace and balance, visualized as encompassing the Earth.

This sacred journey circumambulates twelve sites within the twelve hours of an equinox day. Stops are made to do homage. Prayers spoken at these twelve sites generally are in response to the sense of place native to each locale. Tours are significantly punctuated by day signs, a closeness to fellow travelers, and hopefully a balanced peace. Day signs are the syncretic appearance of animals and plants that speak as symbolic messengers of consciousness. As with any experience of this kind it is hard to put into words the affect 'journeys' have on ones spirit. All the participants in the Pulse of Peace journey felt the effects of a day spent in prayer. Both elated and exhausted, one comes to a deep sense of connection with the land and its Divinity.


Through this honoring spiritual work, one comes into relationship with our planet; a sentient biology, a species, a consciousness that wants to communicate with us. Familiarity with this landscape geometry allows one to take an inner journey as well.

One can cast a scale version of this geometry making note of the geographic features that make up the geometry. Visiting or familiarizing oneself with the geometric points compliments this meditation. To do this simply place the geometry's pattern on the ground (or floor) with your head to the north or more precisely 15 degrees East of True North and visualize your body as the body of this geometric complex. Placing your hands behind your head, your elbows become Mounts Mansfield and Washington which in turn forms a triangulation with your heart relating to Mount Ascutney, the heart Chakra of the Arkhom complex. Feel your spine connect with the geobiologies spine of Garnet encrusted metamorphosed Mica Shist rock, your spinal fluid flowing as the Connecticut River. From this position ones physical and energetic body becomes one with the land. The King and the Land become one. With practice and attunment this inner journey can connect you with Gaian consciousness. Your peace becomes the lands peace, your breath becomes the lands breath. Meditating on Divine Light one can impart this gift through your body, heart and soul to the planet in total.

Very large array telescopes are greater in sensitivity than the sum of its parts. Through the spiritual practice of circular sacred journeying one creates a very large array that enables the traveler to participate on a sensory level with the subtle language of the earth.

In theory all of these sacred journeys can be enacted in ones own locale. For instance a known local sacred site (or for that matter your very home) could replace Shelburne Falls as the center around which the journey can be made to spiritually geoposition your life. The path of spirit is all about intention, observation, and focus.

A traveler could trace the journey taken by the Pulse of Peace and see only nondescript forest, pavement, and dirt. It's all in the intention and appreciation of the omnipresent expression of Divinity. The first step of a sacred journey is into the human heart. The journey can take you to far off or very familiar lands. All such journeys undertaken in a sacred manner return home to the Ark of ones heart.

As you may have noticed: as our culture gets more and more entrenched in such as cyber space- opportunity exists to become less and less connected to our source of life, inspiration and nutri-essence, the Earth. Seeking connection- spiritual travelers journey to the Amazonian jungle, ancient culture sacred sites and the Nile deserts to reclaim what once was. Confronted with the condition of a materialist society we journey to its opposite pole to connect with and balance our natures. It is surmised that these quest are undertaken to connect with a world view that fills the void created by our societies current separation from the supernatural.

Real opportunity exists to re-spiritualize and re-connect our spiritual life and North American society to the inherent spirit of this land. Cultivating a conscious relationship with the land that grew us: will enliven our lives, our biosphere, and balance our culture. So journey well, fellow travelers, and journey often. These regional hoops of culture are described in more detail in the book: 'Gaia Matrix, Arkhom and the Geometries of Destiny in the North American Landscape' by Peter Champoux and Friends contact directly or order it from 800-877-2693.