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Crop Circles- Earth Operating System: Upgrade

Essay by Peter Champoux

Over the past decade or so, an unusual amount of crop circles have seemingly spontaneously appeared around the ancient megalithic sites of England. This is not to say that these enigmatic works of geometry are limited to England's ancient sites. Crop circles are found everywhere cereal crops are found.

There has been exhaustive documentation on the Circles and many fine books on the subject. The question I am exploring in this article is not so much the 'who' but the 'why' of this mystery. How accurate my conclusions are is impossible to determine. Nevertheless it is a line of thought I believe is worth mentioning -- if not just for considerations sake but because some of you out there know much more in depth about some of this than I. Perhaps it will get you going!

Many of these geometric forms could be seen as hyper-dimensional: two dimensional designs illustrate third fourth and fifth dimensional geometries. Many of these designs, made from living cereal crops, some up to 900 feet in diameter, are difficult to generate even with computer aided design software.

Considering the complexity and speed at which they are drawn, extreme intelligence and spiritual consciousness appears to be the 'who' of this mystery. They exist yes, but why? What, if any, is the message in this bottle for us monkeys? Perhaps it has little to do with us. Speculation as to authorship includes: hoaxers, ET's, to the Earth trying to communicate with the Queen of England. 'Who' being irrelevant for the moment. Much can be learned about 'why' by looking at 'where' a preponderance of these crop circles occur - the South of England.

In the south of England there exists multiple megalithic sites of a 5000+ year old culture that obviously went to a prodigious effort to create, manipulate and manage the landscape of the south. Avebury Circle and Stonehendge are two fine examples of this ancient society. It is believed that these megaliths stimulate fertility in man, plant, and animal: a prime motivator for an agriculture based society. I can only deduce that these methods were effective given the collective resources expended to construct such a regionwide interconnected (ley lines) system of megalithic sites.

To visualize this megalith system, compare it to contemporary computer systems and internets. The English earth energy operating system being the Microsoft of the ancient world. This Earth Operating System (EOS) was utilized to varying degrees throughout Europe, but primarily in the south of England and Normandy. Over the centuries, various EOSs were installed in keeping with the times. The system installed by the megalithic builders perhaps started out with a DOS like EOS which was prone to viruses, eventually causing the crash of the entire network. And being that there were only M(egalithic)icrosoft system administrators, the entire network was beyond repair and eventually abandoned.

Evidence of this crash is seen in the megalithic mounds, whose core are fused rock, overloaded and scorched by 5000 C temperatures. Despite this crash, the old intentions, prayers and memories of connection remained for the sensitive to recognize. Some of the original network was and still is operational. Certain sectors retained the virus where the stones have been moved topsy-turvy and inhabited by malevolent spirits.

As time past, succeeding generations installed and utilized various operating systems by imprinting their unique EOS on this megalithic bio computer. This was done by renaming one site or another for a deity and setting its intention (EOS) through ritual, construction, and resonant social coalescence. The Druids and Catholic Church being two such Earth Operating Systems that we know of historically.

Could it be that a new EOS is being installed by the makers of the trans dimensional cereal Crop Circles? Crops being the conduit cable that transmits the Crop Circle's intention directly into the original EOS of the English Megalithic Bio Computer (EMBC). Maybe! If in fact this system did connect the south of England to the rest of the world it projected its intention planetwide (as all is one).

A strong case can be made for this EOS/ EMBC hypothesis. How else could a small group of people manage to have a worldwide empire? Look at the world today and one sees the colonialization mark of this EMBC and its 'enlightened' EOS in Israel, the Middle East, India, Africa, and the Americas. The programed portion of the ESO being based on the Market Economy (Adam Smith), Feudal Society (we all need our royalty), resource depletion and the violent imposition of a theocracy (Christianity). This EOS is what has been managing our present paradyme. It is what has caused the environmental and social chaos we have experienced over these centuries. Could the Crop Circles be reprograming or upgrading? This world wide web of life connection sources such as: Avebury, Stonehendge and Avalon.

Once this MBC has an EOS installed, it then needs software to perform a task. It needs RAM and a storage medium. However, relatively fast computers are, earth energies move at the speed of ether. Consequently, there is a prolonged delay getting the system on line.

A scenario potentially involved the Druids paganist repairing the original network and cabling of the MBC. The Church connected it to the world wide web. And the Monarchy installed the EOS and social software, keeping tight security to limit access. The Druids did welcome, at first, this 'resurrected' ESO personified through the Church. They identified the network components where churches were installed as connecting internet routers. Every Sunday they would, in unison, en'chant' the landscape through song and 'chant', and set a resonance of Christic intention throughout the land with a simultaneous ringing of bells and ritualized mock human sacrifice, thus connecting biorhymthically with all of Christendom. But as with any bio computer the network, needs to be maintained and upgraded to keep running well.

Today few of these old churches (network interface) are being maintained (through prayer) and are no longer EMBC/ EOS monopolized, allowing for a new EOS to be brought on line. Personally, I do not advocate replacing this Juedo/ Christian/ Industrial EOS (or JCIESO) with the even older Druidic/ Pagan EOS (Win 3.1). I look more to a future yet to be, or one potentially being reprogramed via the Crop Circles.

Given all the ESO's vying to become the www standard, the MBC is in a fragmented state. We have pilgrimage groups from all over coming to England to 'reactivate' or 'clean up' the ancient sites. With one intention overlapping another. And many Anglican churches are filled with the power elite and the not so elite. The MBC has become a tourist industry. Just what is at play here? Freewill can be controlled and coheres into a course of action.

Is the JCIESO being rebooted by new age tours or are they like the Druids of old, reconnecting the network and programing the network for the new ESO about to come on line. This answer to this is: "Yes!" Both are happening in concordance.

The word is that Crop Circles have been around for a long time. Perhaps Avebury was placed where it is to open an interface and communicate with the creators of the Crop Circle? Or maybe the ancients placed standing stones to mark the spot where they had appeared and consequently created this Megalithic Bio Computer - a cocreation. This can only be truly known through the mind of God. Might I suggest as the "Alien Head" crop image with its binary disk states: 'things are not what they may seem'. Earth energies affect the whole web of life. Watch what files you delete or software you install! One could, no matter how well intentioned, inadvertently support, with the help of ones 'guides', the continued de-evolution or evolution of human and planetary Gaian consciousness. Both of which can be scary depending on the Earth Operating System utilized and ascribed to.

























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